Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Sahin update, Arsenal's €10m man set to leave

sahinArsenal fans were rather expecting an announcement of the loan signing of Nuri Sahin today. He’s supposedly had a photoshoot and medical at Arsenal’s training ground, but no move has materialised. The deal appears to have stalled.
Then again there was a day of silence after Cazorla’s medical when everyone started panicking, but there seems to be more substance to the talk this time.

Mourinho is haggling

It’s documented that Jose Mourinho was loathe to allow Sahin to go to Arsenal, partially because they were offering a smaller loan fee, and he dislikes Wenger and didn’t want to help him. Which is dreadfully unprofessional.
Having allowed him to, it seems he’s stepped in and increased the price Arsenal must pay if they want him permanently after the loan. The new fee is believed to be around 14m, which hasn’t impressed Arsenal, as that’s almost twice as much as he was signed for in the first place.
This has led to reports that Arsenal are prepared to back out of the deal and pursue other replacements. It’s unknown whether this is true, but we’ll operate on the assumption that it is.

Is Yann the Man?

The Rennes general manager has admitted that Yann M’Vila could move to Arsenal after all. His quote was “Arsenal? I don’t know, you’d have to ask Wenger.” That suggests he either doesn’t know, or is being coy.
This is a deal that’s been on and off all summer, and it’s difficult to tell if it will ever come off.  It seems possible that he’s the first alternative to Sahin if that deal doesn’t come off, or that he’ll be bought regardless. It seems more likely it’s one or the other, however.

One midfielder, one defender: That’s yer lot.

Continuing on his trend of being unusually forthcoming regarding transfers, Arsene Wenger told an interviewer that he wished to bring in a midfielder and a defender before the end of the transfer window. Amusingly, the last time he admitted he wished to bring in X player in x position, he signed Squillaci. Not to say that will be repeated.
One thing he hasn’t mentioned at all is an attacker, which continues to suggest that rumours of Fernando Llorente are unfounded, unless he’s being Arsene. Which he doesn’t seem to be, as he’s not denied working on deals at all.
Still, there’s nothing to suggest the midfielder couldn’t be a creative player, which was the main issue against Sunderland. And of course, a defender who could cover the full-back positions would help as well. With that said, Arsenal were in talks with Mirallas before he signed for Everton, so it’s possible Wenger is on the lookout for a striker.

Goodbye Andrey?

Andrey Arshavin arrived in St Petersburg today for what is described as a “business visit”, along with rumours that his old club Zenit, who he was at loan with the latter half of last season, have made a €10m bid for him. His time at Arsenal does seem to have come to an end, and that’s the best price Arsenal could get for him, so it seems very possible that’s him gone. He’s provided some great moments, and some equally frustrating ones. So it’s with mixed feelings he departs, though taking 80k off our wage bill.
Those are the stories that have emerged during today, and I’m sure as the window draws to a close there will be many more. Until tomorrow.